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Decision making for weed management continues to be challenging because the selection of control tactics must combine economic, regulatory, and environmental considerations with relevant biological knowledge about the weeds and the crop.

WeedSOFT® is a decision support system (DSS) designed to assist growers, consultants, and extension agents in making both proactive and reactive weed management decisions. This comprehensive, and ecologically sound, tool will help farmers in every step of their weed management decision. WeedSOFT® provides you with the treatment information you need according to your specific field conditions while factoring in economic and environmental principles. Whether you are considering early season soil applied treatments, control of mid-season infestations, or comparing treatments requiring additional costs for herbicide resistant crops, WeedSOFT® provides a powerful tool for your weed management decisions.

WeedSOFT® is currently a regional project with state-specific versions available in 9 North Central states in 2006.