WeedSOFT® is the result of many hours of work by a number of dedicated people.

Project leaders: Alex Martin, Chris Boerboom, Bill Johnson

Application Developer/Project Coordinator: Lynn Bills

Regional Partners: Christy Sprague, George Czapar, Anita Dille, Dallas Peterson, Dawn Nordby, Kevin Bradley, Jim Kells, Richard Proost, Bill Curran, Mark Loux, Glenn Nice

Art and promotion concept and design: Libby Mortensen

Promotion, marketing, and public relations: WeedSOFT® Development Team

Legal advice: Turon Odabasi, Legal Counsel, Donald Helmuth, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

Development team: Robert Wilson, Stevan Knezevic, Gail Wicks, Drew Lyon, Robert Klein, Fred Roeth , Pat Shea, Brady Kappler and the many farmers, consultants, and Extension Agents who have continued to participate in discussions aimed at improving the decision aid.

A special thanks to Jess Spotanski and others who helped beta test this product.